Our Commitment to Our Clients and Partners.

Our team is committed to providing our clients and partners with a safe and stress-free service experience throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

Our enhanced safety measures at ID Mechanical help to ensure exceptionally safe work protocols so that our team can continue actively working on construction sites and servicing occupied and unoccupied buildings.

We are carefully following public health safety guidelines in cooperation with contractors, foremen, managers and employees to ensure our clients’ and team continued safety. 

Below is a list of safety measures we have implemented for the protection of our clients, partners and employees:

Safety Measures for our Employees: 

– Consult closely with our Human Resources experts to keep the ID community informed using updates from credible Canadian and international public health sources

– Maintain access to sanitation supplies at every job site to ensure materials and equipment are regularly and effectively cleaned and high-touch areas are sanitized

– Enhance our infection prevention, control, and management plan

– Employees fill out a COVID Screening form each morning prior to accessing a job site

– Stagger employees start times and break times on job sites

– Work with clients to develop innovative strategies for physical distancing in common areas

– Promote work-from-home for office-based team members

– Encourage employees to diligently follow public health guidelines, and send out tip sheets and regular information for the improvement of mental health, social distancing and to create awareness of travel advisories during COVID

– We also work closely with our clients to ensure we adhere to the highest safety standards while continuing to operate at full capacity. Below are a few examples:

Safety Measures for our Partners and Clients:

– Regularly review COVID-19 awareness training programs focused on hygiene and personal protective equipment practices to help with social distancing

– Develop safe work practice strategies for all service activities – including creating safety plans for ID Mechanical workers to enter job sites safely

– Share our resources with our partners and clients to ensure the health and well-being of our workforces

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