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Our expert team of industrial and commercial plumbing contractors offer a full range of mechanical services.

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Our emphasis on quality workmanship, professionalism, safety, and fostering relationships ensures we deliver exceptional value to our customers. With nearly 20 years of experience in the business, ID Mechanical is a leading solutions expert for mechanical plumbing, HVAC, and radiant heating installations, upgrades, emergency repair, and preventative maintenance. We serve commercial, industrial, residential building owners, and general contractors across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our expert team is highly knowledgeable, reliable and honest. ID Mechanical enjoys a 90% repeat business rate evidenced by the responsiveness, quality craftsmanship, and fair pricing we provide. ID Mechanical thrives on long-standing relationships and the trust we have built with our clients. We maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee on installations and 1-year warranty on all products installed, without exception.  Our team of non-unionized, licensed and highly experienced plumbers and registered technicians are on-call 24/7 and ready to serve you.

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Our Approach


Our team is adept at handling highly complex multimillion-dollar projects to minor repairs. We have the unique ability to scale up or down at the level you require to suit your project needs.


We work closely with general contractors, as a primary contractor or project management lead. ID Mechanical is laser-focused when it comes to your project vision and business goals, and we support any project delivery model. This includes design-build, public-private partnerships (PPP/P3) and integrated project delivery (IPD).


Bring us in at the pre-construction stage and our senior contractors will review your design, anticipate obstacles and help you identify discrepancies to ensure your drawings equate to a problem-free installation. We go over every component of your mechanical plumbing design and account for any circumstances that could affect the project. This includes ensuring the costs are accurate, the schedule is realistic, and identifying any obstacles that may pose a barrier to your targeted completion date.

Service with a Difference

Our valued customers share why they choose ID Mechanical, time and again.

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Industrial & Commercial Plumbing Services and Radiant Heating

Industry Leaders for Commercial

Plumbing and HVAC Services

Whether you require plumbing and HVAC installation or an upgrade, ID Mechanical’s expert team will work alongside your general contractors, or as a primary contractor or project management lead. We have extensive experience collaborating with engineers to design and build your project. We work in a timely manner to assess the scope of work, provide options, outline pricing, share product choices and a schedule before any work begins.

We provide uncompromising quality workmanship and always work to deliver on time and on budget. ID Mechanical is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee on installations and a 1-year warranty on all products installed. We are also the plumber our clients turn to for preventative maintenance. In the unfortunate event of an emergency repair, our sister company, ID Plumbing Services Inc. will help extend the building lifecycle.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with ID Mechanical and ID Plumbing Services for over 20 years. Their work is exceptional. So much so that I hired them to do my house. They are very controlled, disciplined, and professional. They don’t overcharge or constantly come back and say we’ve discovered something that is going to cost you more. Many other contractors do. ID Mechanical also manages to find the best quality product for the items we want to be installed vs. finding the cheapest alternative. It saves GMC Engineering time and is more efficient. We can trust the products that ID Plumbing Services provides provides.”

Martin Caracciolo, P.Eng.

GMC Engineering Inc.

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Industry Leaders for Custom Home Builds

Backed by our clients

With so many factors to consider when designing a custom home build, and so many moving parts, mechanical system installation, upgrades, and maintenance can often feel overwhelming. Is your design technically feasible? Are your costs projections on par with market pricing?
Is your proposed schedule realistic? The ID Mechanical team draws on our extensive experience performing installations, upgrades, preventative maintenance and emergency repairs for custom home builds to ensure your property runs efficiently and remains protected.
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We choose ID Mechanical every time to work on our custom design-build projects and renos because they truly care about what they do. If there is ever a problem on-site, they work to find the best solution before bringing it to us. Deni and his team is great to work with – they’re reliable and they get stuff done!

Luca Gobbato, B.Eng.

GBC Design Build

What We Offer

Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in our workmanship and the accuracy of our shop drawings. We source high-quality materials from our suppliers and brand partners to ensure our clients get safe, efficient products that last. And we service what we build to optimize performance throughout the lifecycle of the building.


We are committed to service excellence and continued education and training for our technicians and journeymen so they can deliver the best possible workmanship and service for our clients, and in the safest work conditions.


From its humble beginnings, ID Mechanical was founded upon trust and the long-lasting relationships we have built with our clients. We hold ourselves to the highest service standards and pride ourselves on being transparent, reliable, and responsive.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work and a 1-year warranty on all products installed.


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